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Hinchlys is the Cardiff and South Wales Premier Audio-Visual retailer. With over 30 years of experience of installing systems from all of the leading premier audio visual manufacturers, and thousands of quality installations and happy customers.

We can design systems that are tailored to your individual needs. Our most common installations are wall-mounting televisions and soundbars, with no cables in view (cable management), and discrete home cinema systems with speakers that blend into any environment. It is vital to get honest, professional and impartial advice from a local company that has expert knowledge of the industry and technology involved, and is experienced in every aspect of installing a system tailored to your individual needs.

Our expertise covers Home Automation, complete Home Cinema and projector systems, TV installation and wall-mounting, wireless audio systems throughout your home, heating and lighting control, the design and installation of CCTV, and motorised blind and curtain track solutions.

A smart home allows its occupiers to make separate elements of it work together, providing a convenient environment in which to live, work and play. For example, a smart home would enable your lighting to be dimmed to a perfect level when you switch on your home cinema, all from a single device. The concept works around a single device that enables you to control many different functions in your home. This most common is a tablet or smartphone or could even be a smartwatch.

At Hinchly’s we will demonstrate a range of home automation systems, ensuring that you understand the benefits of this technology. We will support you throughout the process from system design, communication with any builder or architect,  installation and training for the whole family, so all can use and get the benefits from Smart home systems.

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Smart Heating

One of the most desirable components of such a system is heating control. On those cold winter days you will be able to turn on your hoe central heating system at the touch of a button and allow your home to be lovely and warm before you get there. Heating is the main element that people think of when they think of automation in their home, vis a smart thermostat on your smart device. This will allow heating and cooling of your home when you are nowhere near it! This is just one component and Hinchly’s can help you think beyond simply controlling your heating from your smart device – although it is an excellent starting point!

Home Appliances

Smart appliances are on the increase. One of our favourite here at Hinchly’s are smart fridge freezers. This can be an excellent way to keep on top of your household grocery shopping and for you to find out exactly what you need via your fridge freezer while you are on the go!

Smart Home Security

Home security is of course a high priority for most home owners. Here at Hinchly’s we can provide you with a comprehensive security system in order to provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve. This is also a great first step to automate your home. You could start by having smart home security with smart access control. No longer will you need that heavy set of keys to access a door. Instead, you will be able to use your smart locks via your control device to unlock and lock doors in your smart house. This smart access control can work together with the other smart security systems in your home such as a burglar alarm, lighting control and security camera’s, providing a co-ordinated enhanced level of security that you would not otherwise be able to achieve without a smart control system.

Smart Entertainment

You can also control your smart entertainment from a single device. For example your tablet could control not only your central heating, but also your smart speakers and smart television from a single device. You could even turn on your home devices from a touch of a button via a mobile app in preparation for your return home! Perhaps you want some relaxing, romantic music filling your home via your multiroom audio device when you arrive! You could also be operating your smart tv via the same app as your smart speakers and central heating control! Anything is possible with our automation services.

Smart Lighting

Using your mobile phone or your tablet as a remote control also extends to your lighting. This is a particularly popular element of many systems that people find particularly helpful. Having control systems in place to switch on smart bulbs is an excellent way to deter criminals away from your home when your out, for example. When it is getting dark, from wherever you are you will be able to switch on your lights. This is also particularly helpful if you are arriving home in the dark and you need to switch on your house lights to help carry your shopping in from the car! In addition to this, smart motion sensors can also add to the convenience of your home and switch lights on and off when you need them to. This can also help reduce your electricity bill considerably in the long run! A smart switch can also be helpful to add further convenience to your home.

Smart Blinds

Smart blinds are another great addition to a smart residence. From the same device as you control your home appliances, entertainment system and lighting, you could also control your blinds. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, reaching for your tablet or phone and opening your blinds at the touch of a button. This is the ultimate in convenience and you can be the envy of your friends too!

Here at Hinchly’s we can provide you with the ultimate in the next generation smart systems for your home. Not only can we make your home more secure, but we can also make sure that you get the most from your entertainment systems. You can look to the future and set the bar in the next generation home conveniences for you and your family to enjoy year after year. Talk to our knowledgeable, helpful staff today about you and your families needs and put the control back in your life with the convenience of our technology.



Called Hinchly’s for a TV installation, a soundbar and to see what they could do with my old Bose sound system. They wall-mounted my TV using a articulating wall bracket, installed a Sonos PLAYBAR in my bedroom upstairs and was able to wall mount the Bose speakers with no cables showing and connect them to my lounge TV. Very impressed with the installation and will definitely use again.
Huw WilliamsProject in Thornhill