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What is Smart Home & Home Automation?

Smart Home/Home automation makes the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. By integrating everything from television, music, lighting, motorised blinds, central heating and security/CCTV from one single remote control or any smartphone and tablet. Thanks to smart phones, tablets and other devices, such as smart watches, we have never been more in tune with technology, Among the endless supply of systems and gadgets now available, it can be challenging to know exactly which technologies will suit your needs, home and lifestyle. However, there are a few types that stand out, so consider the following to introduce high-tech wow to your rooms.

Upgrade to Multi-Room Audio

Thanks to streaming services, multi-room audio has become a must-have and can be included in a new design or retrofitted. There are many systems available through high street and online retailers, but it’s worth working with us to find a system to suit your home’s size and budget. Remember, both wired and wireless high-resolution audio require a robust broadband system, so having a strong, reliable internet connection is key, as you can’t really invest in one without the other. At Hinchlys we supply Sonos, Yamaha, Samsung and Panasonic wireless systems to suite most budgets and wired systems from Control 4 and Nuvo. We also offer WIFI & networking solutions guaranteed to give you the best possible experience.

Multi-room Audio

Be in Full Control of your lighting

Lighting is an integral part of creating the ultimate smart home experience but is often underestimated in its ability to transform a space. A well-designed system can add glamour and ambience, maximise the feeling of space, and will also be more efficient if you go for LED designs. A single-control system can offer numerous benefits including remote-control access and security as you’ll be able to control the devices when you’re away remotely through an app. Many can be programmed with personalised settings, so you could even co-ordinate lighting with other elements of your home, such as with your security or sound systems, or have it turn on automatically in the morning. Call in to see us and experience lighting control systems from Rako, Control 4 and Lutron.

Connect all area’s of your home

We’re about to see a revolution in connected devices, which, if installed correctly, can transform everyday tasks. In particular, it is worth investing in energy saving products like electronically dim able led lighting, heating control and electric blinds that can be programmed to move when out to help with heat and heat loss.  Most product manufacturers have invested heavily in new smart home devices, but before you go ahead and buy, it is important to establish which technologies will enhance your lifestyle, and are not just novelties. Consult our professionals to ensure that you get the most appropriate system to suit your needs.

Control4 Cardiff

Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating, allow time and budget for advice, system design, rewiring and installation. At Hinchly’s we create personalised experiences that enhance your life. Working with our home automation designers is not much different to working with an interior designer, landscape architect or other design professionals. We identify the client’s requirements and aspirations, analyse the building plans, design a detailed Smart Home solution within the client’s budget and recommend equipment.

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