The most immersive experiences

Nowadays, people do not have much time to enjoy a movie at the cinema.  This is due to the fact modern jobs are becoming more and more demanding timewise.  However, there is a readily available solution for these persons: the Home Cinema.

The latter allows everyone to enjoy the thrills of a full-fledged cinema without having to set foot outside. At Hinchlys, we have a plethora of home cinema systems which have been designed to provide the most immersive experiences one can possibly imagine.

  • Different Types of Projectors
  • Surround Sound Makes The Difference
  • Ambiance
  • Site Visits for Custom Services
  • Quality Systems at an affordable Price

Our Installations:

Different Types of Projectors

4K Resolution

The best way to reproduce the same feeling as that of a cinema is by using a projector. We provide a wide variety of these and each of them has different features. The time when projectors displayed highly pixelated pictures is long gone. Indeed, they now come with 4K resolution, which allows the user to have a crystal clear display on a large surface.

ultra hd 4k picture

For those who might not be too familiar with this term, it is also known as Ultra HD. In other words, it produces an image that is several times more detailed than the full HD resolution, or 1080p

3D Projectors

We also have one of the latest technologies to have hit the domestic market: 3D projectors. They project pictures in three dimensions that can be appreciated with the appropriate glasses. All of the aforementioned products are available in our stores. We nonetheless sell a wide array of televisions with all of the above features too.

3d projects


What would a cinema be without the ambiance?

It is indeed an aspect that is often overlooked when designing a home theatre. This is why we also offer our customers the chance to take advantage of the automation made possible by their smart home. We do so by proposing automated motorised blinds. They provide the darkness of a cinema while preventing glares on the screen.

Site Visits for Custom Services

Design Team

At Hinchlys, we are not limited to only selling the products required to set up a home theatre, we actually offer to build the latter. In fact, we have a design team whose task it is to make sure customers get the best out of their home cinema.

This all starts with a site visit, where we evaluate the room in which one intends to replicate a movie theatre. This allows our team to better advise interested parties on the products that will suit their needs the most.

Quality Systems at an affordable Price

Epson, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung; our catalogue includes the best brands available in the industry. Moreover, each of our installations come with a universal remote control. The latter can be used to control the entire system. In addition, our home cinema systems are available at affordable prices that go as low as £2800!

projector install image