Experts in Multi-Room Audio and Wireless Music Systems

Walking around your house and being able to control the music playing in each room from a smartphone once seemed like a futuristic fantasy, but over the last few years the market for wireless music systems has exploded. Thanks to streaming services, wireless audio has become a must have and can be included in a new design or retrofitted. Let every member of the family enjoy their own music in their own space. You can listen to Michael Bublé in the bath, Rock in the kids room, Broadway in the kitchen all from the same system.

Access your entire iTunes library or download your digital music collection to a networked hard drive, and access it all from any room. There are a many systems available but it’s worth working with us to find a system to suit your home’s size and budget. Remember, both wired and wireless high-resolution audio systems require a robust broadband system, so having a strong, reliable internet connection is key, as you can’t really invest in one without the other.

At Hinchly’s, we offer bespoke whole home music systems designed wired or wireless, controlled by unique collection of keypads including colour touch-screens, or most smart phones and tablets – for effortless control. We supply most leading brands like Sonos, Yamaha, Samsung and Panasonic wireless systems to suite most budgets and control 4 and Nuvo wired systems. We also offer WiFi & networking solutions which guarantee to give you the best possible experience.

We also offer a range of High-Quality Bluetooth speakers – for even more effortless control.

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