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TV Installation & Wall Mounting Solutions

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We at Hinchly’s specialise in the sale and installation of televisions in Cardiff. Our technicians are professional and experienced in TV Wall Mounting and the installation of Home Cinema Systems and Home Automation systems.

Custom Installation projects can vary in size and complexity, whether it’s simply a television or a whole house system for a new home or major refurbishment, Hinchlys can offer you experienced advice and services. We offer site visits before quoting and will ensure that each installation is designed to meet your individual needs, wants and budget.


WiFi Networking around your Home

In this modern day WiFi technology has totally changed the way we live and has gradually become the heart of the home network. Many of our personal devices need to connect to a Wireless or WiFi Access Point connection such as PCs, Tablets, iPads, PS4/XBOX, Smartphones, Smart 4K TV’s even our Heating Systems. But for most family homes the one WiFi Router in the far end office is just not enough to provide a WiFi Signal for all connected devices in the property.

If you’re experiencing poor WiFi Signal on your existing Wireless Network Router and have WiFi black spot areas then we offer our Home WiFi Installation Service. We can easily extend and increase the coverage or range of your WiFi Signals by installing various CAT6 Network & Ethernet Cabling, WiFi Routers and WiFi Access Points (WAP) in the weak WiFi areas of your home, building or property that will eliminate any poor Wireless Signal Coverage issues that you may have.

We offer Home Networking surveys (within 20 miles) to quote for a guaranteed stable wireless network and distribution of cat cabling to TV and WAP points.

Other Services:

• HD Over Cat5/6
• HD Matrix Installations