Rako Lighting: Wired vs Wireless Systems

Rako Lighting: Wired vs Wireless Systems

What is Rako Lighting?  

Rako is an advanced automated lighting system that is easy to install, and has the added benefit of being of lower cost than competitors within the same market. It is an ideal choice for exclusive properties and those that have lighting wiring already in place, but there is currently no automation. Lighting control is all about being able to select various lighting scenes for one space. They are presented on a control pad with a selection of buttons. At the push of a button, all of the lighting circuits in the room will dim to a prescribed intensity. Rako lighting allows you to have between 2 to 7 lighting variants dependent on the range of scenes chosen.

What does the Wireless System Entail?

This method enables a remote controlled system that can run without the need for any control wires. Therefore, if you have a retrofit, this system is likely more suited to you, since it will take less time to install than a wired system. That being said, if you are developing a recently built house, the wired system may be a better option.

This can be used for a single room or a whole house. There are a range of wireless dimmers available on the market such as the RMT500 which has compact proportions and so is easily hidden through the down-lighter holes. This means that the existing wiring can be used, and converting a traditional wiring to lighting control is relatively straightforward. The RMT500 is a versatile dimmer that can work up to 500 watts capacity, and works well on good condition LEDs. However, if you are looking for something that can handle a larger load, the RMT1200 is sounder, since it is able to cope with loads up to 1200w.

What are the Benefits of the Rako Wireless System?

· No switch wires necessary, and so it can be easily installed amid your traditional system

· Control panels are inexpensive

· Because no wiring is necessary, further control panels can be easily fitted at later date.

What does the Wired System Entail?

A wired system is likely more suited to for a new build home or a renovation, so wires can be installed during the process. It is often harder to fix wired systems in homes that are already fitted with legacy lighting. This is because the previous lighting would have to be detached from the home and a new one installed, which can be somewhat complicated, and is likely to take more time to install.

The RAK4 dimmer is typically used; specifically, the RAK-4T which will take up to 4 channels. However, if paired with the RAK-LINK, it can run up to 8 RAK-4T together. Unlike the wireless system, these dimmers would usually be located in a control room, which all the lighting circuits would be connected to.

Within the wired system, the most common coupling is between the WCM-070 control panel and the CAT5e cabling. An alternative option is RAK-STAR which allows the panels to be star wired from the control room. Although this system is wired, the RAK system can still be connected through an RX-Link. This unites wireless devices (such as control panels) to Rako RAK dimmers.

What are the Benefits of the Rako Wired System?

· No batteries are necessary for the control panels

· All control panels come with illuminated backs so they are easy to view in the dark

· Easier to program when it is preferred to control lighting in different rooms from various control panels

· There are no distance restrictions and the RF signal strength has no limitation.

Why Choose Rako for Home Automation?

Not only do the Rako systems come in a variety of designs which are certain to fit in with the design of your home, but they are also relatively inexpensive and require little maintenance. They also promise a fantastic user experience, and they rarely falter or have any operational difficulties. There are also many options and modules available which cover a multitude of eventualities, and with so many accessories and models offered, it is no wonder they are the market leader in home automation.