The Beginners Guide to Home Automation

Posted on 12th February 2017

The house of the future, as depicted in science fiction films is now a reality! The Smart Home has finally arrived and it is designed to make your life so much easier. The good news is that you can embrace this technology as much, or as little, as you wish. Below we explain what home automation is and how it can work for you.

Benefits of a Smart Home

There are so many benefits, including saving on your household bills and running a more efficient home. This is due to the fact that all tasks, from switching on the lights, operating the TV and turning down the thermostat are all done by computer, they are automated, which means that you no longer have to be in the home to perform household tasks. The washing machine can run a cycle and the hearing can be turned on, all before you get home!

The Basics

Getting started is easier than you think. The first thing is that you will need some kind of controller. Often this is simply an installed app, but some systems still work via a central control panel or control box. You will also need a strong internet signal in your home, which is also reliable. Most systems work via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Your chosen device will need to be able to receive the instructions that you send. For example, if you wish to operate your lights via an automated system, then you will need to install smart lightbulbs or a smart lighting panel.

How does it work?

So how exactly can your home become automated? Well, you can choose a number of ways to set up your home automation. A fully automated system, plug in and play, or access via smart apps are all great options.

Wireless networks This is how the majority of home automated systems operate. It is also the simplest and easiest, as most smart devices are geared to operate via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology.

Plug and Play This system works when you only wish to operate one smart device. This device is then set up to be operated via your smartphone.

Mobile Apps When you wish to control the whole house via automation, you need a simple, yet effective way of doing so. The best option is to use a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. You just have to ensure that you use a compatible app for your chosen system.

Home automation allows you to control the following, either as a whole system or individually:

Lighting You can now switch on your lights before you return home from work, and adjust the brightness without having to move from the sofa. This can all be done from your smartphone.

Security You will have the opportunity to lock your home remotely, as well as the added option of monitoring your property, inside and out, via security camera.

Heating Your central heating can be controlled at the tap of a screen. You can keep your home at exactly the right temperature when using smart heating, which will also save you money.

Home Appliances Some smart systems allow you to control your household appliances, such as your electric cooker and washing machine.

Home Entertainment One of the huge benefits of this type of system is that you can control entertainment systems, such as televisions and speakers by simply pressing a button on your smartphone.

Your new Smart Home is waiting for you!