Four Factors to Consider When Setting Up a Projector System

Posted on 20th January 2018

A projector system is an invaluable investment for businesses as presentations leave a lasting impression on people’s minds. The large screen size also provides better value than television for gamers and movie enthusiasts. However, there are four factors that one should understand when setting up a projector system.

1. Intended purpose

While most types of projectors can handle different media types and content, each is designed to perform best at a specific use. Consequently, there are three categories of projectors based on the intended use.

  • Home theater projectors: the design of these projector systems emphasises on image quality and contrast. Consequently, they provide rich colour saturation and work best in dark rooms. They are suitable for sports, 3D movies, movie nights, video games and photo slideshows.
  • Business projectors: They are also referred to as data or multimedia projectors. They are brighter hence work best in rooms with overhead lighting and daylight. Though they can be used for multimedia content and entertainment, their primary purpose is to display static images like PowerPoint slides and graphs. They are most suited for conferences, business meeting, seminars, PowerPoint slide shows and related tasks.
  • Pico projectors: As the name suggests, these projectors are small enough to be carried in a purse. They come in handy for offsite meetings, presentation to a small group of people and tiny room entertainment.

2. Display technology

The display of most projectors is based on either, Digital Light Processing, DLP, or Liquid Crystal Display, LCD. High-end models come with Liquid Crystal on Silicon displays LCoS. Even though each of these displays offers quality for the money, they have specific advantages.

DLP display allows for a lightweight design. As such, most Pico projectors are DLP based. They provide deeper and better colour contrast as well as smoother video motions than LCD projectors.

LCD projectors are suitable for use in well-lit spaces hence mostly used in business projectors. They are quieter and more energy efficient than DLP projectors. The premium 3LCD models use 3-chip technology to provide higher image quality. The high-end LCoS projectors offer an amalgamation of the benefits of each of the mainstream display technologies.

3. Performance features

The performance of a projector system is affected by several features. Some of the critical elements are light sources, contrast, brightness, and resolution. A projector can be powered by LED (light-emitting diode), laser or the standard lamp. The choice always depends on considerations such as budget, energy efficiency and maintenance costs.

While some people use contrast and brightness interchangeably, they describe different aspects of the projector’s display properties. Contrast is a measure of the difference between the brightest and the darkest parts of a picture. The higher the contrast, the better the image details. Colour brightness, on the other hand, is a measure of how bright the system projects red, yellow and blue colours. The higher the brightness, the better the image quality in well-lit areas.

Contrast is the primary concern when purchasing a projector system for a home theater, or video games. Since most of them are used in rooms with controlled or no lighting, brightness is not a primary issue. Business projectors, on the other hand, should have a higher brightness output as they are used in lit areas.

A projector’s resolution is an essential consideration for home theater systems. It ranges from as low as 480 pixels to 4k Ultra HD. However, a projector with the same resolution as the video source guarantees the best performance.

4. Projector screen, accessories and support services

Using a screen instead of a white wall enhances the colour contrast of the images. There are several screen types and sizes with different gain ratings. Other accessories to consider include; universal remote, projector mount and audio and audio sound systems.

Lastly, installation services and maintenance warranties are necessary to support services for any projector systems. Contact us today for the best projector deals and support services.

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