Author: Gene Thompson

  • how does home automation work

    How Do Home Automation Systems Work?

    Posted on 6th May 2022

    Home automation systems allow you to control various aspects of your home remotely, using a smartphone or other mobile device. In most cases, these systems connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and use an app to give you control over lighting, climate, security, and other functions. Many home automation systems also include features like voice…

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  • Shall I Buy Mono Ceiling Speakers or Single Stereo Ceiling Speakers?

    Posted on 6th March 2022

    If you are thinking of adding ceiling speakers to your home, you would have come across mono and single stereo ceiling speakers. Single stereo speakers connect to both channels of audio, meaning you only need one speaker. Mono ceiling speakers connect to one channel of audio each, meaning you need a pair of speakers to…

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  • Four Factors to Consider When Setting Up a Projector System

    Posted on 20th January 2018

    A projector system is an invaluable investment for businesses as presentations leave a lasting impression on people’s minds. The large screen size also provides better value than television for gamers and movie enthusiasts. However, there are four factors that one should understand when setting up a projector system. 1. Intended purpose While most types of…

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  • Rako Lighting: Wired vs Wireless Systems

    Posted on 6th September 2017

    What is Rako Lighting? Rako is an advanced automated lighting system that is easy to install, and has the added benefit of being of lower cost than competitors within the same market. It is an ideal choice for exclusive properties and those that have lighting wiring already in place, but there is currently no automation.…

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  • Top 6 Benefits of a Lighting Control System

    Posted on 23rd May 2017

    Are you planning to embark on a home renovation project, or just want to inject a sense of sophistication in your home? You may consider a home lighting control system. While the traditional manual lighting systems may seem cheaper to install, they will cost you a fortune in the long run. The too many wall…

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